I really want to run 37 13.50 22 on a set of moto metal 22x14 wheels. PerformancePlusTire.com is one of the leading wheels and rims sites around. I've never really done much with wheels since my current ones are 20x9 with 33's on stock suspension. 22x14 Wheels for Sale Wheelfire has been a leader in the aftermarket industry for many years. My truck being a white Laramie it seemed it would look the best with black & chrome wheels sense the Laramie has so much chrome on it. wanting to knnow if they will rub before i pull the trigger on some new wheels thnks! I have been contemplating after market wheels the entire time, but just couldn't decide what to go with. H. Hot COCOAL May the farce be with you. It's not some peoples style I understand that but Im buying a 04.5 ccsb as a second vehicle and was going to try to run 35s on some 22x14 fuel rims I see a lot of peaple doing it but I also have seen peaple say it's dangerous and what not so what I'm wondering is how are the 12.50s and 13.50s holding up on a wide rim and is there wider 35s because I can't seem to find any Im about to order a lift from pure performance but need some input. I'm looking at a set of used fuel 2 piece renegade 22x14 wheels with a set of 35 inch trail grapplers on it. Will 6" be enough to clear with 0 rubbing or would I need to run 35s with the 22s in order to clear? If you're in the market for 22x14 Rims we got tons of options and all the wheels we offer include a lifetime structural warranty and ship fast and free. We have a retail facility in Long Beach, California and are family owned and operated for over 45 years. Find Wheel Size 22x14 from Performance Plus Tire. Wheelfire is one of the largest wheel distributors in the United States, with thousands of 22x14 wheels sold all over the world. 22x14 Wheels And Tires We offer 22x14 wheels in 5x5, 5x5.5, 6x5.5, 8x6.5 and many more fitments and finishes. Jun 9, 2012 4,433 0 0. 22x14, 35s, and bilsteins Discussion in 'Exterior' started by ramrunner56, Apr 2, 2015. I'm looking at getting the Moto Metal 962 in a 22x14, and I'd like to fit a 35x12.50 on them (33s just aren't enough tire on a wheel that size). I have a 2008 Tundra CM, 2wd with the 5.7L. I'm pretty sure the offset is -76 with a 4.51 backspacing. Set at 2.8", with a prerunner bumper, 22x14. anyone running 35s on 14" wide wheels with a 6 inch classic body silvy or sierra? I decided on the Fuel Maverick black lip with chrome face and wanted to make it stand out so went with 22x12 -44. Wheelfire offers 22x14 wheels in many styles. Unlike other sites offering cheap wheels and rims, we offer brand name wheels and rims at discount prices.

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