Rogers are also a-holes but I was able to get literally 10+ times the speed with Rogers as I was getting with Bell Fibe. If any of you have ever noticed your Internet cutting out intermittently or giving slower speeds and the technician said nothing is wrong from the outside, what could it be?

I’m a software developer and tech enthusiast since early in my life. There is no real difference.

Thanks for the detailed explanation. Bufferbloat in a simple way is when you are pushing everything the max capacity you internet can deliver, for example a download at the max speed, and the time it take to respond you if you request a website for example.

Note that it is also a foreign address, so we clearly see Rogers performing better which reinforce my theory regarding Bell’s cap on international connections. The same modem is used, in this case the Home Hub 3000 which has ports for DSL service over telephone cable or via fibre optic cable.

I think having at least 100Mbps upload speed, would make it way better.

That table is displayed horizontally instead of vertically with the Hitron modems.

At the end of the day, there is no difference in the modems that are used in the customer’s home and essentially no difference in the transmit/receive technology that is used between the neighbourhood node and the modem.

I’ve been in Canada for almost 3 years, and prior to that, I’ve never used cable as my connection type.

Also I highly doubt you’d get a scenario like that unless you’re under heavy load an tries to game for example.

I work from home office so I need good and reliable internet. That’s a pretty straightforward way of understanding it. Hook it up and then call in? ‎03-30-2020 report. The cost covers tv, phone, and internet.

So as you may figured by now, I like/need fast internet. So I guess, the computer is not the bottleneck. Also, you not always talk to natives when calling, which depending on the accent sometimes is hard for someone that doesn’t have english as the first language, and I’m reasonably fluent. ‎03-29-2020

I have both used Bell Fibe and Rogers Ignite TV.

From the neighbourhood node to the local tap, that is connected via hardline cable. 4.

Check out all the other threads on this forum regarding slow speeds. It will be an Arris TG-3482ER or a Technicolor CGM-4140 modem. FTTH is only available in certain locations and most Bell locations are still twisted pair to the home with downloads of typically 50-100 Mbps max. It sounds crazy, I know, but Bell seems to be the only company that has been deploying fiber across Canada.

On this test is where I see some interesting things that may explain my complaints about the torrents. @Jawed , let me expand slightly on @57’s explanation. If you use cloud storage a lot, look at Bell with their symmetrical service.

To determine the expected data rate, in the appropriate area of the chart, 1 Spatial Stream, 2 Spatial streams etc, locate the matching raw data rate and multiply that data rate by the Coding number located in the Coding column.

On an Ethernet connected pc or laptop that Link Speed (Receive / Transmit) should indicate 1000/1000 Mb/s. For latency, Bell wins over Rogers, by a very small margin.

From what I remember seeing I think there are two tables, one for the download stats and one for the upload stats. That should paste in the whole table as it appears in the modem. But when you depend on connections abroad, it appears to have some sort of hard cap that bell imposes, which is around 15-17Mb/s or 150-170Mbps.While Rogers could go well above in one the tests reaching about 50Mb/s or 500Mbps. 4. The technician came a few days ago and said nothing was wrong from the outside, as he couldn't enter the house because of the virus precation. Comparing features: cable internet vs. fiber internet

For bufferbloat, Bell wins over Rogers, with a great margin as their modem handle better higher loads than the Rogers one. So, where is this going.

Posted by 1 year ago. Streaming does not require uploading, but if youre a content creator then you can absolutely benefit from a better upload. The Arris modem is an Intel Puma 7 modem, the Technicolor modem is a Broadcom BCM-3390 modem. That should point to a problem with the external cable and its connectors.

There is no real difference. Because these terms run 1-2 years I can qualify as a new customer (and get the new customer deals) each time I switch over. save. I’m switching to Bell because I’ve had a lot of packet loss with Rogers recently. For the wireless tests, I chose to call either Rogers Toronto, or Bell Toronto speed test servers, with both connections. And I can’t do anything about it because no one will come to work on it before the virus ends.

I used to do speed tests on my iPhone when I had the 300/20 plan and in the early morning I’d get 500/20 speeds. The only thing I do every now and then is uploading some videos to my Youtube channel. If you are a gamer, playing on North America, with no business abroad that would lead you to depend on a higher download speed coming from somewhere else in the world, or is a person that depends on a very high upload speed, like a streamer, Bell is your best choice as they have the best technology and the fastests upload speeds.

That is just Bells marketing BS.


Like a lot of people, I sit in the camp of both gaming and torrenting.

02:06 AM 02:08 AM. The bufferbloat usually can be controlled applying some QoS over the network, and Rogers modem doesn’t have that option. Compare internet speed, download limits, price, and promotional offers. 2.

For someone who games on all 3 platforms, 1GB is a must for me since games are going digital and they get massive day 1 updates. Rogers is currently upgrading the cable side of the network to be able to handle 1.2ghz AND are pushing a new IPTV based TV solution; it might be a few years down the road yet, but massively increased upload speeds ARE on the horizon. 3. Even though in a chat with a Rogers technician, he mention that in some places, they are actually using fiber until your place, and converting it to coaxial just to go inside. The larger the number of antenna on any of those, the higher the data rate you will see. While downloading Torrents on Bell, more frequently than often I see my downloads limited at 10-15Mb/s.

The second situation is that the Internet cuts out for hours and works for 15-20 minutes. In my area the cable side of the plant is currently specced to 900mhz and we still have to support legacy TV and phone service as well as internet data on that bandwidth.

I also considered a HTTP download, so I did this tests. ‎03-29-2020

Regardless, I would wait for your new XB6 gateway to arrive and see how things go with that unit.

HELL YES! If you are seeing poor speed tests with both wired and wireless connections, then it's most likely either a problem with the link to the Rogers network, a hardware problem with your current modem, or possibly a problem in your neighbourhood.

Select or highlight that entire area, right click ….

Since it is just a personal thing, and I don’t do it on a regular basis, despite disappointing me, that doesn’t bother me too much. Bell Fibe 150 vs. Rogers Ignite 150u This reminded me that the monthly rebate i'd negotiated a little over a year ago had expired and, with the new increase, i would be looking at a monthly bill of $185 vs the $150 I was paying two months ago. And I got these results:,

Rogers uses an Asymetrical scheme where you get fast download speeds (90% of us mostly download) but the upload speed is 5-20Mb/s which pretty much sucks. I find it weird that the results for Bell varies so much.

It’s actually a constant problem now.

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