But it’s there, and it’s important. I barely ever talk about it. Case in point: das Messer (the knife). Seasons, months, days of the week, weather and points of the compass are masculine. But no reason to worry that the article is rife with nonsense. To point out the gender of nouns, you use different gender markers. Männer, hrsg. Today, she will talk a bit about the elephant in the room of this blog… German gender. The plural article always stays the same German Plural – Article: die. Gender in German. Everoni with butter and parmeson… soooo tasty. or … The first thing you must learn and understand about the German language is that all German nouns have a gender. German nouns taken from other languages and ending in. Welcome to the fifth German lesson about gender.This time we will view a list of people, feminine and masculine, followed by grammar rules, finally a list of expressions in German to help you practice your daily phrases. Learning this classification system is essential and should start from the very beginnings of your experience as a learner. The gender of German nouns can be identified by the preceding definite article. wieder ohne Schirm aus dem Haus gegangen. German-Learning.com helps you practice your German. A few nouns have two genders and sometimes one of them can only be used in certain regions. So, the best and easiest way to know the gender of a German noun is to learn it by vocabulary list. This means, that nouns are either masculine, feminine or neutral. So speaking proper German means learning the grammatical gender. Shell nouns, such as das Zeug, seemingly inferior and meaningless, are in reality very convenient because they are so productive. This method is applicable for every type of category: food, feelings, traffic, entertainment, clothing, you name it. One weird exception that threw me off is Teil: we have der Teil (share, amount, part of) as a part of a larger whole (der Teil der Stadt / Stadtteil (city part)) and das Teil as a single item, like das Bauteil (the building component), for example. And bread has been DER Brot for a long time. German noun gender is determined generally based on the gender of the person (e.g. She’ll share a bit about what it is, a few rules,  and a couple of her learning tricks that she used when learning German. In other words, the Moon, as a noun, is not universally feminine, or anything at all. But how do you do that without losing your motivation or your mind? Oh man, what a minefield. Generally speaking, in linguistics, there are two types of gender: a natural and a grammatical gender. OK, first and foremost, before putting the effort to internalize German grammatical gender, a crucial step is setting aside what we already know from our native language, i.e. They have feminine adjective endings which change according to the article which comes before them. Other nouns have two genders and the meaning of the word changes depending on which gender it has. Get the latest news and gain access to exclusive updates and offers, Create an account and sign in to access this FREE content. Most countries are spelled differently in German than English and they may be masculine, feminine, or neuter. So here, we have to think a little. I’d be really curious to know the answer of different native speakers. Taken together, the tricks will stack odds of getting the gender right significantly in your favour. This especially goes for native speakers of Romance and Slavic languages. Seasons, months, days of the week, weather... 2 Feminine nouns. Imagination and an open mind help much more here. Our website is optimised for mobile devices: You can study on your tablet or phone on the go! Completely free. It’s Italian based slang term meaning friends or guys. If you found our website helpful, leave a message in … Home Read More » For example, if you have learned that Tisch (table) is always der , you have automatically learned that Esstisch (kitchen table), Couchtisch (coffee table), Schreibtisch (desk), Nachtisch (dessert) and so on are all der . In German we need to know the gender of the noun “Schnecke”. There are lists and criteria that do make sense, but they come with a lot of exceptions, and often you’d be better off not trying to memorize them. Note that male people or animals ending in, Numbers used in counting, for example one, three, fifty are. I am still having trouble remembering the right article for Geschmack (taste), Geruch(smell) and Geräusch (sound), was it der oder das. German Gender. I had never questioned the logic behind these personifications and back then it had always occurred natural to me. So, on the one hand you have, der Tisch, der Stuhl, der Teppich, der Schrank, then you have das Bett, das Regal, and a third bunch would include die Couch, die Lampe, die Kommode, etc. letting go of our intuitive knowledge. We will leave natural gender to other battlefields. Reading, listening and writing exercises for german learners. But when learning the gender system in a new language, the knowledge of the native language can only hold you back in your efforts. Before continuing, in order to avoid misunderstanding, first things first: What is meant by gender? What kind of voice do you think it would have? Here they are: (**might not be bulletproof and might not be rules, we take no liability :D). Interestingly, native speakers of Spanish have described el puente (a “he”) as large, dangerous and mighty, whereas the German die Brücke (a “she”) was represented as nice, fragile, elegant, peaceful and pretty. -ung is feminine) OR because it belongs to a noun group associated with a particular gender (e.g. This tells us that natural gender is subconsciously associated with sexless items because of their grammatical gender. Depending on the type of learner you are, adding color coordination would be even more helpful. The technique does not only help you to memorize a German noun's gender but also to recall it when needed intuitively. So instead of referring to a word’s meaning, gender refers to the word itself. But up until now, I haven’t bumped into the one study that would give me the AHA moment. We don’t spam! German goes them one better and adds a third gender: neuter. Compound nouns are nouns made up of two or more words and usually take their gender from the last part of the compound word. Note that the animals themselves can be any gender. The der, the die and the das…how do you tell which one a noun is stuck with? Grammatical gender on the other hand is a language specific noun classification and is not always easy to predict in foreign languages. Slavica, an actual studied linguist told us a bit about collocations in German. For example, the door called Anna or the desk called Peter. I did learn that a tree is “Baum”, but it remained “DAS Baum” in my mental dictionary, because that’s how it is in my native language. Now, these points are only a few thoughts and tips. After all, learning a foreign language means reshaping your mind and changing your perspective. So… German Gender is one of … Compound nouns. In this post, I’m sharing some top tips on how to remember German noun gender. For the rest of the nouns, I am afraid there are no patterns or rules. Mastering gender classification in German does seem like a mission impossible, but it is fundamental if you want to to speak proper German. You just need to sit down and engrave them in your memory somehow. feminine (female) words. And it’s also a type of pasta. Also, natural gender matches the grammatical gender most of the time – that is, for languages that actually have grammatical gender. Crazy. Is it common in German to say Hündin instead of Hund, and could I use Hund and sie in the same sentence to refer to her or must I us... Stack Exchange Network Stack Exchange network consists of 176 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow , the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers. Are there any rules? The German language has three genders. Wien: 177-186Koch, C. Sabine (2007), „El Sol – die Sonne. And then there are languages, such as Mongolian, Japanese, Chinese or even English, in which the Moon, or even most nouns have no gender. Any methods or strategies for learning gender you could share? US-Botschaft, Berlin, Public Afairs. I think, I’ll actually do a follow up this week and we’ll also do a little exercise. There are certain guidelines that can help you to determine the gender of a noun, in case you are not sure about it.

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