Turn the heat up to 325°, baste with barbecue sauce every 10 - 15 minutes for the last hour, or until the ribs … It really depends on the piece of meat. I have some recommendations down in the recipe card. Let the ribs get cozy here at this temp for about 2 hours. You can put the pan back on the grill or even finish in the oven if you wish.

It isn’t a rib without a bone right?
For our beef ribs on the grill we made a recipe that kicks it up a little. Again, you want a good glaze on the meat, not a burned sauce on a perfectly cooked rib. The bone in the rib helps impart flavors as well. Basically, you cook the ribs twice. Start by seasoning your ribs liberally with your favorite barbecue rub. See. Cook time will be 4 to 6 hours (depending on the size of ribs purchased and how thick the meat is). Coat the beef ribs with the rub, and preheat your grill to 180° (or the smoke setting) according to factory directions. https://grillagrills.com/wp-content/themes/grillagrills/images/logo.png, Grilla Alpha Smoke Control Board (Grilla Model Only), Grill Cover for Silverbac Wood Pellet Grill, Veteran's Day Limited Edition Custom Silverbac Front Shelf, All-Terrain Wheel Chocks (Rubber Grill Stopper), Grill Grate (17") For KONG-- Free Shipping, Grill Cover for Chimp Tailgater Wood Pellet Grill, Grilla 3pc Outdoor Kitchen Complete Package, Grilla Outdoor Kitchen Cabinet (for Built-In). https://grillagrills.com/recipes/brontosaurus-bones-aka-beef-ribs Thank you for share this step by step instruction. These ribs don’t need much in the way of seasoning to be fantastic so if you are a purist just use salt, pepper, garlic powder and onion powder for the rub, and for the braising liquid you can use just a 50/50 mixture of Worcestershire and beef broth or even use soy sauce and beef broth. If you want to pin this recipe, use the little pin button at the top of the card. Tempted to try to shorten the cooking time of beef ribs on your Grilla Grill? Yes, that sounds crazy, but essentially you use the low and slow cooking to get the meat perfectly tender, then you will be searing in the flavor in the second phase. Prepare some of these great side dishes that partner brilliantly with grilled beef short ribs: Ready to get started? They are good for more than just stock and gravy. Copyright © 2020 Or Whatever You Do | Trellis Framework by Mediavine. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. You also can keep an eye on doneness.

If you can get these in the longer bone version that still has the thick meat of the short ribs that would be most ideal here. This lets the meat redistribute the juices evenly.
First, use your Traeger Pellet Grill, or the grill of your choice, to do the heavy lifting. Let them sit briefly, about fifteen minutes. There are a lot of good options for side dishes with these hearty beef ribs. For the last part of the cooking, the temp runs much higher at 325°. Park the ribs next to each other with the bone on the bottom. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. You will cook the ribs in the liquid for about 2 hours. Not only does it help the rib from falling on its side while cooking, but it also breathes flavor into the meat as it cooks on top. Making great ribs cooked low and slow requires an investment, not only in time, but in cost as well. Then you’re going to crank up the heat a little more to 325° and paint on some barbecue sauce. Fire up the Grilla Grill — those beef short ribs won’t grill themselves! You might need longer than 2 hours even. How Long Does It Take to Cook on a Pellet Grill? The proximity of the ribs allows all that flavorful steam to be put to good use. Once your ribs start to pull back from the bone quite a bit and you are happy with the color, place the ribs in the braising liquid and use foil to cover. During this period, trust in the process. Share these recipes and you'll definitely get more dinner invites. Don’t worry about adding a bunch of sauce. Or Whatever You Do participates in several different affiliate programs. The longer you cook these brontosaurus bones at a moderate temperature, the better they will taste. Give your grill thermometer a chance to do its job. Nothing like grilled ribs to bring out those carnivore instincts. Be my best friend. You can add some balsamic vinegar and reduce the sauce for an amazing finishing sauce.

Just reading it has me drooling like the dog.

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