At the time of the video I misidentified the mimicry as that of a Black Mamba, but it is actually a combination of both African Mountain Adder and Black Mamba.]
Upon research afterwards we discovered it was a harmless egg eater and is merely mimicking a much more dangerous snake.Having seen what we wanted to see, the snake is captured and thrown next to a dam with the Meerkat looking for grubs back at the road. 6:30am A tame Meerkat (Stinkie) was walking with us on the farm when we found this snake.

This particular Meerkat has quite a short attention span and would regularly ignore the snake completely.

In the end everyone was a winner xDNature Conservation is simple, just remember;Keep it clean, keep it green, keep it going ;)[P.S.

Posing more of a threat to himself than anything else..Because of its black mouth and trademark striking it was safe to assume this snake was venomous. The mouth in particular led us to believe it was a variety of mamba. They immediately sized each other up so I began filming. particular Meerkat has quite a short attention span and would regularly ignore the snake completely

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