KSG Shotgun: This gun is a great addition to the mystery box, and puts all other shotguns (except Hades and the Blundergat) to shame.

The second secret song is activated via 3 broken radios on the map. This guide will help you survive the No Man's Land of the first World War. Also, every time you play, how many players you have, how many times the chests have been stomped closed and what round you're in, the number of zombies required to fill a box changes. Line up lights in excavation and shoot the Orb. (P.S. The tank can also temporarily knock over and disable a Panzer for a longer time than if it were stepped on by a robot. It will merely prolong the time you'll be spending on getting everything done. Preparation - Borea's Fury (Upgraded wind staff). This portion is most important. p.s. They will come with the instructions. The final (and best) area is the crazy place after the Easter Egg has been completed. Once the previous step has been completed head down to the Crazy Place, place your Staff of Lightning down at the pedestal and get 20 Zombie kills around it.

The last spot is just before entering the church again, On a wooden chariot cart between generator 4 and excavation site, On a table between Juggernog and a Wunderfizz machine, On a metal machine on the right of the Wind portal, in the tunnel descending near generator 4, Near the wind tunnel's entrance at generator 4 needs to be set, In the church, first floor needs to be set, Under the church, behind the tank needs to be set, Around generator 5's broken house, needs to be set, On a wall of the Mound facing the church, needs to be set, Near generator 4, between Juggernog and Wind portal's entrance, In the No Man's Land area near the church, on the opposite way from where the tank moves, Just on the left of Stamin-up near generator 5, The fire staff needs to be placed on the excavation site receiver, The ice staff needs to be placed into Freya's head, The wind staff needs to be palced into Odin's head, The lightning staff needs to be placed into Thor's head, In a corner on top of the excavation site, On a crate, near a torch, on a wooden platform down the cave, Down the tunnel leading to the Ice portal near generator 6, In Odin's footstep near the excavation site, In Freya's footstep between the church and the excavation site, In the room on the right, between the Spawn and generator 2, On top of the tank station near generator 2, On a dead body, at the end of the trench, past generator 2, Next to the Fire portal, at your left when coming from the spawning area, In a small room, on your right coming from the spawn towards generator 3, Near a dead body, bellow generator 3, before the workshop bunker's entrance. Upgrading to Ultimate: You may also want to take this opportunity to do the prerequisites for getting your current staffs Ultimate except for the last step, which is putting them into the crazy place to fill them with souls. (It also kills any zombie in one hit, no matter the round.). You now have two choices: If you choose to continue playing (which we always do), grab all your staffs and get out first. While your fourth player continues to hold the last few zombies at Generator 4, the player with the Maxis Drone needs to keep watch on the robots at Generator 5. The person with the beacons then has three seconds to throw their beacon(s) at the concrete flooring outside the fence just next to Generator 5. This guide is viewed on a daily basis by avid players. Step three: Rain fire. However, if you do get stuck in the pivotal trap of Panzers without having gotten any staffs, then by all means, grab either an MP40 or an STG-44 and run that sucker around the map, and burst fire into his face.

Obtain the Fire Staff Tunnel / Red Record, Obtain the Fire Crystal by navigating through the Fire Staff Tunnel to the Fire Staff Pillar in the Crazy Place, Obtain the Head piece of the Fire Staff by activating Power and opening the Reward Chest at Generator 6, Obtain the Staff piece of the Fire Staff by shooting down the flaming airplane in the sky with a ballistic weapon, the piece will fall at the Soul Chest near the Excavation Site, Obtain the End piece of the Fire Staff by killing the first Panzer Soldat of the game, Navigate to the bottom of the Excavation Site and build the Fire Staff at the Fire pedestal, Near Generator 5 on the partially broken wall to the right of Stamin-Up, On boxes near the entrance to Lightning Staff Tunnel, In the Lightning Staff Tunnel on the table at the entrance, Inside the Thor Robot, accessed by shooting open the foot of the robot and getting it to step on you, Inside the Odin Robot, accessed by shooting open the foot of the robot and getting it to step on you, Inside the Freya Robot, accessed by shooting open the foot of the robot and getting it to step on you, Inside The Crazy Place (Must go through the Wind Portal near Generator 4), In the Tank Station at the desk you see once you enter the room, In the Tank Station on a shelf next to the Mystery Box location, In the Tank Station on a shelf near the back entrance. The lightning staff will require 3 parts, a purple disk and a purple gem. It is always lit up. The beacon(s) must land on the concrete or else you will need a Max Ammo (if at least one person turned on all six generators, you will have found a free one in the prize chest at Generator 6). Answer: On average, 30-45 minutes if you use the staff exploit, and 30-60 minutes without. It is only visible to you. The BO2 Origins Zombies walkthrough will guide you and help you with unlocking different items in the game and all the different collectibles that you will need to gather to improve weapons, agility and much more to survive all the different waves. Dig 30 dig sites, once complete you will get a confirmation ding and your Shovel will be Golden as indicated on your HUD. Like the mystery box, you can find it by looking in the sky, but instead of a beam of light, search for lightning strikes. But send an add to my PSN, Korius_Lambent, with a message that it's you, and I'll add you when it's convenient. Once completed you may pick up your upgraded Staff. Shinzuu Katame (author) from Maine, USA on August 04, 2017: @Professional: Unfortunately, LevelSkip changed it as the steps had mini-panels that were side notes instead of listings.

Now this staff is a must-have prior to round 8 as it is the only staff besides the Fire Staff that is extremely effective in killing the Panzer Soldats. You need to sign in or create an account to do that. However, there's only one foot out of six well enough lit to be entered. Equipment - Shovel, Golden Shovel, Golden Helmet and red Dig ups. Once you've done that, do the same thing you've done with the other staffs except you align the lights to red. In terms of regular zombies, the Ultimate Fire Staff is the 2nd strongest staff in the game. To your left, you'll see three musical chords etched into the wall. Prior to then, we have seen the Baron on rare occasions in round 2 OR 3. On a platform, above the excavation site, on the site facing generator 5, Inside a crumbled burning alley located right after the spawn, heading to generator 2, Near the MP40 wallbuy, coming from the workshop bunker, Around the left path leading to generator 5, Near an Odin's footstep, between the site and generator 4. I have this guide set up for the general public, and it slows the pace down a bit so that everyone can keep their bearings. Question: How long should this take total? During the next round(s), all players should be killing zombies with Smoking Hands and Thunder Punches. Amazing guide. Thanks for the tip. We've also counted only just short of 1,100 with staying in the generator 1-3 area. Now you can build the Fire Staff. Maxis drone is a flying shooting follower who can also do various task for you. Meanwhile, everyone should be getting Thunder Punch. Around the Excavation site. The Ultimate Lightning Staff specializes in spread damage, rather than area of effect (AoE) damage. I ALWAYS dig as soon as I see a pile cuz we'll get the ice pieces... Not that serious. Cause i like playing by myself and im a noob so any help?

Now you have to reach generator 5 area. Flaming wagons: This next step requires the Ice Staff and one player to be standing next to Pack-a-Punch with a BULLET WEAPON. By the back path that passes the church. Thank u for taking the time to help people who don't understand the logic of origin zombies like myself tips and a guide to get better thank u!!! I use this guide every time me and my friends play and we play at least 4-8 times a day! Or if it's at the VERY end, 1 zombie turns to 2 without digging, but rather, it does spawn more, and from what we've found in more recent games, they have not patched that to change. Second, you have only 5 seconds after the button is pressed in the robot to throw and have the Strike Beacon land on the concrete.

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