Frederick Weller, The Six Fix: These Socially Awkward Movie Characters Are Just Like Us. Eventually, she falls for a man who thinks he can steal people's souls. Lorella Cravotta, 33,387 A group of young offenders doing community service get struck by lightning during a storm, and begin to develop superpowers. | Jessica Hynes, Elizabeth Banks, Character: ToddI'm not sure, but I think Todd has some SA/self-esteem issues. Toni Collette, Stars: 134 min |


$0.31M, 6 Comedy, Drama, Romance. She decides to take him on a trip to Spain to see new things. Proof that British TV characters can be just as awkward as their American counterparts.

455,851 Julie Hagerty, Director:

| Gross: Kate Winslet, | Character: BrianVery funny and kinda sad at the same time. Tom Wilkinson, Omar Cowan, I'm not sure if Brody's character Steven suffers from social anxiety, but he has some SA like traits.

Roger Lloyd Pack, I don't think she has SA, but she's deffinitelly what society calls "a loser", and socially awkward. Or at least sexual tension between characters somehow? Magali Pinglaut, Masaki Okada,

Secret Society of Second-Born Royals is a 2020 American contemporary science fantasy action superhero film. Emily Watson,

R They’re a little awkward too…. Stars: 4,572 |


Stars: Eric Bana, 119 min In this prequel to Elling (2001), Elling, a slightly autistic, but opinionated young man, lives with his aging mother who is worried what he'll do without her.

The story takes place in the near future ... See full summary », Director: Greg Timmermans, Emily Hampshire, Votes: Dennis Miller,

He's terrified of speaking in class or even joining groups for school papers.

Friends Tim and Daisy, 20-something North Londoners with uncertain futures, must pretend to be a couple to live in the only apartment they can afford. Stars: Pierre-Paul Renders Johnny Galecki, Comedy, Romance. :)A classic comedy voted one of the funniest movies of all time, “What About Bob?” centers around a character with phobias and a host of anxiety disorders. | all routes are only on their second day dude, you cant expect anything crazy to happen jet, it will mostly be overlap between the characters routes for some time, if it jumped straight  into the ham and cheese, i wouldnt feel paced would it. | Stars: Director: Director: |

Director: | Stars: | Still, when TV characters are awkward, it comes across as endearing. |

Stars: John C. Reilly, Votes: Certified genius Spencer Reid might have an eidetic memory, an IQ of 187 and multiple PhDs, but he’s got a tendency to ramble when he gets carried away with a case.

| Gross:

This provokes Billy to act out, as he kidnaps a girl and forces her to act as his wife for the visit. A successful psychotherapist loses his mind after one of his most dependent patients, an obsessive-compulsive neurotic, tracks him down during his family vacation. ", PG-13 Jørgen Langhelle, Votes: Director: Leo Bill,

Director: $33.23M. To be honest, all four of the geeky geniuses from The Big Bang Theory could have made it on to this list. She wants Edmond to kill her brother so that she can take the throne to her kingdom. $2.38M. Stars: For Mac, I have no clue, i don't own one ;w; For Android, just save it into your phone and install it like any other app, a pop out may warn you about installing third party apps so just ignore it (unless it's not my app.)

Marshal Mary Shannon must hunt down witnesses for federal cases in the witness protection program while also managing a rather dysfunctional family and her own personal life. Hannah seems to stumble from one awkward sexual, social or professional encounter to the next. gotta give him time, I love all their front portraits~, they look so goooood, (also like the little detail on the starting menu art of the Caller's name on the phone whenever you end each route~).

It's fixed now! Director: Roxana learns that she can turn invisible, Tuma has mental persuasion, January can take other abilities temporarily and Matteo can control bugs. Sigourney Weaver, R.D. | Micheline Hardy, Votes: Hal Ashby

If you'd like to support me on Patreon, you can find it  here! | |

Carrie-Anne Moss, Director: Jon Heder, This film pokes fun at the 9 to 5 work-a-day world, but it does so in the style of a black comedy. Stars: If you have any suggestions please comment below.1-20-2013 ~ Just added a bunch of recommendations made by Sarah Ward.

Catherine tells her that her sister Eleanor is to never know about the Society and Morrow immediately puts them to training. Marit Pia Jacobsen, Not Rated Loren Taylor, A comedy about a psychiatrist whose number one patient is an insecure mob boss. |

| He lost his father to suicide, while his mother and older ... See full summary », Stars: USUALLY updates every 25th of the month, if not... *kowtows* please don't hurt me!!! 11,849 What she lacks in beauty and social ability, she makes up for with a rich father, which attracts the attention of a handsome, socially graceful but poor man. When you’re having a clumsy or less-than-smooth moment (as we all tend to do), it might be comforting to know that Disney characters are right there with you. |

Although an ensemble cast, Iris (Toni Collette) quickly becomes identified as the lead role, which is unusual given that she is the most shy of the group, waiting timidly for two hours to be noticed on her first day of work. One of the few films that addresses the effects of generalized anxiety disorder, Analyze This is a comedy that does a surprisingly good job (albeit with humor) showing how living with anxiety can affect decision making, social interactions, and more.

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