The song also charted at number 25 on the UK Singles chart, it was also the first Poison single and music video to feature lead guitarist Richie Kotzen. Then to play new music on the classic channels is considered “too progressive” so the whole situation is totally fucked up. Topic: "Wasted Time" about Steven Adler  (Read 15528 times). Find more of Skid Row lyrics. With a few clues (Works at a diner, dreams of running away), can you name the character in the song? LRI:  I’m not going to lie and say I haven’t been into some of the reunion things but sometimes when they suck or the new albums suck it’s like why? LRI:  You’ve never been afraid to collaborate with other writers to get things done and  people you LOVE like Alice Cooper or Paul Stanley or Ozzy have done likewise. You can’t walk around the room SAYING you’re the songwriter. I’m not really into that business end of things, it doesn’t interest me as a human being. Get your shoes and your ipod and go outside,  get some sun in your face and go. Overall, “Slave to the Grind” is a harder and heavier album than anyone expected. Sam Smith's "Writing's On The Wall" was the first ever James Bond theme song to reach #1 in the UK. I didn’t get into this to be “OKAY” (laughs). I know that the weather can be a drag. It was released in July 2002 as the third single of their third album Silver Side Up. LRI:  I have it on vinyl and you can definitely get into the sequence of it but “Caught in a Dream” is really immediate to me. The song was the biggest hit on Slave to the Grind and although the song didn't make the top 40 it reached number 13 on the Mainstream Rock Tracks and still gets heavy airplay on rock radio stations. "The Saints are Coming" was the third single by the Scottish punk rock band Skids, featured on their 1979 debut album, Scared to Dance. “Dream Forever” and “Wishin” are the two that really sound that way to me. Does all that presentation stuff still excite you like it did as a kid? I didn’t want to put out a record with them that was just okay. (laughs). Lyrics and video for the song Wasted Time by Skid Row - Songfacts. It produced five singles: "Monkey Business", "Slave to the Grind", "Wasted Time", "In a Darkened Room" and "Quicksand Jesus". When Skid Row performed the song, Bolan would often sit on a drum riser and look disgusted. Strange that we haven't heard about this until now? It’s cutthroat, evil and mean and you can’t take things personally and get down by it. It is pretty cool to have Spongebob on the resume though, so was “Robot Chicken”. LRI:  I read all the TMZ bullshit and aftermath shrapnel of what happened with your incident up in Canada at the strip club and I have to tell you I was a little surprised people were so shocked. He’s not writing new records and filming videos and going on big tours and stuff. Just another example of him opening his mouth before speaking. If those three hit songs are the only songs a fan knows or wants then that’s not the kind of rock I want to cater to. The song reached #88 on the Billboard Hot 100, #30 on the Mainstream Rock Tracks[1] and #20 on the UK Singles chart[2], "Allmusic (Skid Row charts and awards) Billboard singles", "Skid Row Chart History (Mainstream Rock)", Rise of the Damnation Army: United World Rebellion: Chapter Two,, Articles with unsourced statements from September 2008, Articles with unsourced statements from October 2013, Singlechart usages for Billboardmainstreamrock, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 24 August 2020, at 14:19. How well do you know your protest songs (including the one that went to #1)? Take a close look at the lyrics, metallex...that totally fits Steve. SB:  Well, first of all thank you for saying that about being one studio album away, I totally thank you and I agree with that. I don’t think I’ve read very many bad reviews of it and still to this day people really appreciate that album and the heaviness of it. It just came out really, really cool. "Wasted Time" is a song by Skid Row. She’s the eight armed Hindu Goddess Kali Ma and she’s dragging me into hell with and slitting me apart with knives (laughs). It generated four singles: "Youth Gone Wild", "18 and Life", "I Remember You" and “Piece of Me”, all of which were accompanied by music videos and received heavy rotation on MTV. It sucks at first but before you know it, you will actually ENJOY it and will never want to MISS doing it. It was also their first of three singles to top the Canadian rock airplay chart. There’s a lyric on your new album on the song TUNNEL VISION which says “You can’t hear a single word I say if I don’t sound the same as yesterday”. Tim and his brother Richard are the Furs' foundation; Tim explains how they write and tells the story of "Pretty In Pink.". B-Side Ourselves is a studio EP by American heavy metal band Skid Row. He mentions them in the song when he says, "Temptations, sing!". It’s just frustrating to deal with promoters and radio guys and press or whatever who are only concerned with the whole nostalgia  SKID ROW thing and the 80s and 70s and now the 90s. It was just weird because NOBODY in the crowd cared (laughs). I told those guys “I don’t know about YOU Mr. Rock Band Guitarist and Bassist but I didn’t get into this rock and roll band to play songs that SUCK”. "Allmusic (Skid Row charts and awards) Billboard singles", "Skid Row Chart History (Mainstream Rock)", Rise of the Damnation Army: United World Rebellion: Chapter Two. It was the first single from their 1993 album Native Tongue.

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