The first album of Villeneuve is called First Date. Birthday: 7 October 1991

Height: 186 cm (6’1″) So they have separate rooms now. Chinese Name: Jin Zhong Da (金鐘大)


Kim Minseok aka Xiumin is one of the members of the K-pop group EXO. – A star he’s close to is the actor Lee Joon-Gi.

EXO Members Profile, Age, Height & Facts: South Korean based music band EXO (엑소) is the mixture of Korean and Chinese boys.

I think the right information is that when he sings, he has really good pronunciation of English songs and words. Bro they spelled it correctly. Park Chanyeol The rapper released his debut mixtape, Vacay, in October 2012, and followed it up with Inglorious, a digital download album available in 2017.He even played arenas to thousands of people when opening for dates on The Weeknd’s Starboy tour. – Kai’s Ideal Type is someone like Han Yeseul. The polls system keeps giving us headaches…, I think Xiumin is rather a vocalist (+ Visual) than a Lead Vocalist.

Birthday: 2 May 1993 lets help them guys….

They honestly are. Sehun loves snobbish girl. Fun right,then give me your profile, country, facebook,i will make u more fun to this game,come on,u want to watch and play right.. what if i don’t want to?

– Band who represent Korea. Instagram: baekhyunee_exo. He prefers it if other people initiate conversations and gets close to him. Stop talking as if you’re a korean, cause if you are you wouldn’t be blogging nonsense shit like this. More over, if he’s still with exo, but on hiatus… then how come he’s still promoting songs and albums on his youtube channel? The profile has been updated. – Education: Kyung Hee Cyber University (Culture and Arts Business Department)

Sub-unit: EXO-M, EXO-CBX, EXO Main Vocal Line

and i’m not an ex exo-l i’m just plain exo-l Using your idol group power to threaten other groups? And XO’s Partner Advisors are available to customize your flight experience to ensure that your visit to Ventana Big Sur is seamless. Nationality: Korean

– He says out of all of the EXO members, he’s the best at public speaking. Just shut up you just too immature…

, @disqus_DqaD9uPS6T:disqus O_O, Thank you, we gave you credits in the post!, i’m really looking forward to an EXO comeback as well Blood Type: B

Chinese Name: Wu Shi Xun (吳世勛)

), How many people enjoy that song?? Lu Han OMO!!!

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– Hometown: Suncheon, South Jeolla Province/Jeollanam-do, S. Korea.

sorry for my past mistake but very sure that this one is real.

Kris just signed onto UNIVERSAL RECORDS, which is the biggest music label in Hollywood. That’s odd.

Birthday: May 22, 1991 Featuring founding members Frank Iero of My Chemical Romance (vocals) and Rob Hughes (guitar) along with various friends who have toured and… Hangnail 14,300 listeners D.O., kai, and chanyeol is not sharing room anymore.. they have there own room now.. EXO’s fb page.., @kyungshee93:disqus Kyungsoo- Main vocal Birthday: 20 April 1990

Look how Park it’s written.

hahaha.. * In 2018 he selected for “Most Popular Male Artist” in The 25th ERC Chinese Top Ten Awards. ?..bhahahaha it’s nothing dude, Anyway’s i had fun but i don’t have all day to talk to you Luhan Tao and Kris. *Should I put links (in case if someone want to make sure of it)? * Members: 9 current (formerly exo has 12 member) ,, I love you Exo ❤ I started loving Exo since 2013❤ and I am die heart fan of Exo ❤ I like every member of Exo but Park Chanyeol is my love, my heart beat, my lifeline, everything ❤ Saranghae ❤I love you more than my life❤ I started watching Korean dramas from 2009 and I am so crazy about it ❤ Saranghae Exo❤ may you all get more and more success ❤.

He is 176cm this is link Super Power (Badge): Teleportation

Real Name: Park Chan Yeol (박찬열)

Chanyeol, Kai and Sehun are the 3 visuals of EXO. – D.O.’s ideal type is a girl who is kind and eats well. – He acted in the Japanese drama “Spring Has Come” (2018).

He did rap in Hey Mama and The One. Those are NOT their instagram, those are fanaccs like stated in their Bio! Birth Sign: Libra – Chen enlisting date is October 26, 2020.

Instagram: @weareone.exo

Only Sehun, Lay, Baekhyun and Chanyeol have instagram accounts which are also verified.

Birth Name: Kim Min Seok (김민석) D.O. * Xiumin is black black belt in Kendo and Taekwondo. a really full profile of him. There are many fans who praise Suho’s visuals and yeah, he looks handsome, but he’s not one of the official visuals of EXO.

And no offense but who are you to say that they don’t fit?

EXO was created by Korean company SM Entertainment in 2011 and band debuted in 2012. band mostly music are in Korean, Mandarin and Japanese languages. yes…its true….and it has a nice story…+ its has good ost sung by them too….

Could you do more fun facts on exo members?

– Personality: Kind, very, very clean and tidy, cute, prankster, funny., @disqus_XGKSkP08zL:disqus

Kai fits it. not funny Every single one of them are beautiful and visual af. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account.

Or they already broke up?

Lay cannot participate in… Not only “KoKoBop” promotions, But it’s their New album last 2017 known as “The War” and Their Winter Special Album that includes the song “Universe” due to his schedules in china, Including his Appearance at Jackie Chan’s movie “Kung Fu Yoga”, he only speak basic English but he’s not fluent, Kris and Luhan left back in 2014, Tao left back in 2015. Nationality: Korean

Thank you for the info, I added it to his profile! * In August 2018, he surprised Yoo Yeon Seok by sending him a coffee truck on “Mr. Kim Jongin (Kai) Voted the No. Y’all need to chill K. Can you please change D.O’s super power to force cause he is not earth, Hello! SM has Shinee, YG has Big Bang. Do Kyungsoo they didn’t block exo. Role: lead dancer, rapper, sub-vocalist and his the maknae | Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | Content Policy, AINsight: Making the 'Handshake Connection', Gulfstream Seeing Sales Momentum, Hope with Vaccines, GippsAero Shuts Down Airvan Manufacturing, GTCR Partners with CEO To Recapitalize JSSI, Embraer and Energy Group EDP Team on Electric Aircraft, Coleal Ousted in Bombardier Consolidation Move, Nosewheel Steering Failure Leads To Runway Excursion, French Navy To Receive Falcon 2000 Albatros Patrollers, Taiwan Grounds F-16 Fighter Fleet Following Crash, FAA Lifts Grounding Order for Boeing 737 Max, Southwest Airlines Won't Hurry Return of 737 Max, Mid-Year Aerospace & Air Transport Report. nor did i use any curse words or any threatening words towards

– He speaks basic English. Also just because someone can sing/dance/rap and what not really well doesn’t mean he is a main or lead in it IF in his GROUP he does NOT do those positions. Like 4 main vocalists, 2 lead vocalists, 2 main rappers, 2 lead rappers, 2 main dancers, 2 lead dancers and so on (yes, I calculate like they were when OT12), now its 3 main vocalists, 2 lead vocalists, 1 main rapper, 1 lead rapper, 2 main dancers, 2 lead dancers and so on.

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