The Annales Fuldenses record that "Berhta regina" brought "filiam Desiderii regis Langobardorum" back from Italy as the wife for "Karolo filio suo"[12]. The Carmen de Primordiis Cœnobii Gandersheimensis names the wife of "Liudulfus" as "Oda…Francorum…de stirpe potentum, filia Billungi…atque Aedæ"[194]. Generation)", Karl der Große 4 (1967): 403-483, However exaggerated the title "king of Italy" may seem, it was the one used by his subjects: ..."[Charlemagne] transferred all the kingdom of Italy to his great and glorious son lord Pippin, the great king"... (, This litany, extracted from the Monumenta Germaniae Historica , gives the list of Carolingian kings and queens from Charles Martel to King Bernard of Italy (, harv error: no target: CITEREFSettipani1993 (. "Adelaid" is named daughter of King Pepin in the Pauli Gesta, when recording her place of burial[47]. [48] Pauli Diaconi Carmina, XXI Epitaphium Adheleidis filiæ cuius supra, MGH Poetæ Latini ævi Carolini I, p. 57. The Carmen de Primordiis Cœnobii Gandersheimensis names the wife of "Liudulfus" as "Oda…Francorum…de stirpe potentum, filia Billungi…atque Aedæ"[179]. BERNARD ([797]-Milan 17 Aug 818, bur Milan, San Ambrosio). King Pepin had one illegitimate child by Mistress (1): 1. [2] He was born Carloman, but was rechristened with the royal name Pepin (also the name of his older half-brother Pepin the Hunchback, and his grandfather Pepin the Short) when he was a young child. Pepin (I; IV; King) of ITALY. The Annales Fuldenses record that "Ehericum ducem Foroiuliensem, deinde…Pippinum filium regis" captured the camp of "Hunorum…Hringum" in 796, specifying that "Cagan et Iugurro principibus Hunorum" were killed by their own people[618]., A3.B4.C2.D1.E10. Settipani quotes a name list in the Liber confraternitatum augiensis which reads "Karolus maior domus, Pippin rex, Karlomannus maior domus, Karolus imperator, Karolus rex, Pippin rex, Bernardus rex, Ruadtrud, Ruadheid, Svanahild regina, Bertha regina, Hiltikart regina, Fastrat regina, Liutkart regina, Ruadheid, Hirminkar regina"[623]. The Annales Laurissenses record the death "783 IV Id Jul" of "domna Berta regina", her burial "in Cauciaco", and the subsequent transfer of her body to "ecclesia sancti Dionysii martiris" next to her husband[13]. Pippini hic proles Adheleid pia virgo quiefcit. He was married to Bertha, they gave birth to 1 child. d. bur. Only, it is chronologically improbable that Chrotais is daughter of Wala, impossible that it is daughter of a brother or sister of Wala, who were too young, and the Vita Adalhardiis formal about the fact that Bernard had only five children. This hypothesis is reinforced by the fact that the first names of Bernard, Gundrada and Theodrada are found in the brothers and sisters of Wala and Adalard. [6] Annales Metenses 768, MGH SS I, p. 335. Enda . m ODA, daughter of BILLUNG princeps & his wife Aeda (-17 May 913). The Annales Fuldenses name "Brun ducem et fratrem reginæ, Wicmannum, Bardonem, alterum Bardonem et tertium Bardonem, Thiotherium, Gerrichum, Liutolfum, Folcwartum, Avan, Thiotricum, Liutharium" as those killed in battle in 880 in Saxony against "Nordmannis"[137]. It is based on three assumptions: firstly that the second "Pippin rex" was Pepin King of Italy (he is the most likely candidate, but it could also be Pepin King of Aquitaine, son of Emperor Louis I); secondly that there are no female names linked either to "Karolus rex" or to "Bernardus rex", which cannot be proved; and thirdly, that all the females listed were partners of the males listed, which is certainly not the case in view of the absence of Emperor Louis I "le Pieux" who is assumed to be the husband of "Hirminkar regina". A3.B4.C4 Guntrada ([800/810]-after 810). A3.B4.C2.D1.E2F4). The Annalista Saxo records "Otto" as "filius Liudolfi ducis"[143]. [623] Settipani (1993), pp. []. "Arnolfus…rex" confirmed donations of his predecessor of land "in pago Nordthuringa dicto in comitatu Liudulfi in loco Uuanzleua" to Kloster Gandersheim naming "fideli costræ in sanctimoniali habitu constitutæ…Odæ" by an undated charter, placed in the compilation among charters dated [891/92], which names "filia eius Gerberga abbatissa"[183]. The Versus de Verona (c. 800), an urban encomium of the city, likewise praises king Pepin. She was taken from Italy to the imperial court in 807[627]. [12] Annales Fuldenses 770, MGH SS I, p. 348. The Carmen de Primordiis Cœnobii Gandersheimensis names the wife of "Liudulfus" as "Oda…Francorum…de stirpe potentum, filia Billungi…atque Aedæ"[196]. [m thirdly (after Jun 910) EBERHARD Graf im Oberlahngau Pfalzgraf, son of KONRAD Graf in der Wetterau und im Wormsgau [Konradiner] & his wife Glismod --- (-killed in battle near Andernach 23 Oct 939).] The Carmen de Primordiis Cœnobii Gandersheimensis names the wife of "Liudulfus" as "Oda…Francorum…de stirpe potentum, filia Billungi…atque Aedæ"[179]. m Billung, son of ---. King Pepin had five [illegitimate] children by [Mistress (1)]. [621] Annales Sancti Emmerammi Ratisponensis maiores 810, MGH SS I, p. 93. The Annales Sancti Emmerammi record the death "810 Id Iul" of "Pippinus"[621]. Please enable JavaScript in your browser's settings to use this part of Geni. 1, 16, p. 21. Rösch suggests Bertha as the possible name of King Pepin's wife, citing Stromeyer[624]. This marriage is not in Settipani (1993), p. 212. [1] Annales Einhardi 741, MGH SS I, p. 135. [629] Riedel Mark 1 [the full reference is not given], p. 25, quoted in Raumer, G. W. von (1836) Regesta Historiæ Brandenburgensis, Tome I (Berlin), p. 24. Pepin of Italy From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Pepin (April 773 8 July 810) was the son of Charlemagne and king of Italy (781-810) under the authority of his father. 6. "Wundilgartam Henrici regis de filia neptim" is named in the Chronicle of St Gall, which also names her husband[176]. Her precise origin is mentioned in the charter dated 885 by which "Oda comitissa, Pipini regis Italiæ ex filia neptis, Hliudolfi Ducis vidua" founded Kloster Calbe an der Milde, although the accuracy of this document is not known[629]. Abbess of Gandersheim 897-897., A3.B4.C2.D1.E9. son (-young). Thegan's Vita Hludowici Imperatoris names "Bernhardus filius Pippini ex concubina"[625]. She tried unsuccessfully to reconcile her two sons, meeting with Carloman at Seltz and also travelling to Italy in 770[11]. He was anointed king at Saint-Denis 28 Jul 754 by Pope Stephen III [II], who had come to France to seek Pepin's help against the Lombards[3]. Liudolf & his wife had one child: A3.B4.C2.D1.E2F3.G1) Ekkehard (-killed in battle 25 Sep 936). Mettensium, MGH SS II, p. 265. In 791, he marched a Lombard army into the Drava valley and ravaged Pannonia, while his father marched along the Danube into Avar territory. He married Itta, daughter of Sicco prince of Benevento, and had two sons, Lambert I and Guy III. He captured Narbonne from the Muslim invaders in [759], and finally conquered Aquitaine after the death of Duke Waifar in 768. [634] Winkhaus, E. 'Ahnen zu Karl dem Großen und Widukind' in 765 (773) Ahnenstämmen (1950-53), cited in Rösch (1977), p. 67. "Pippinus" is named, and his parentage recorded, in the Gesta Mettensium, which specifies that he was his parents' second son[614]. The Annales Fuldenses record that "Berhta regina" brought "filiam Desiderii regis Langobardorum" back from Italy as the wife for "Karolo filio suo"[12]. According to the Annalista Saxo, he was son of the unnamed sister of Adalbert [Babenberg], with whom he and his brothers fought against the Konradiner family, his complete parentage being recorded in a later passage[183]. m WIDO, from Thuringia. HRE Ferdinand I's 19-Great Grandfather. At the partition of the empire agreed at Thionville in 806, Pepin was designated sovereign of Italy, Bavaria, Carinthia (except Nordgau) and Alemannia south of the River Danube., A3.B4.C2.D1.E6. 1, 16, p. 21. Karl Ferdinand Werner, "Die Nachkommen Karls des Großen bis um das Jahr 1000 (1.-8. Pepin was baptized at Rome, 12 Apr 781, by Pope Hadrian I. "Otto…rex" confirmed the donation of property " in loco Dauindre…in pago…Hamalant in comitatu Vuigmanni" to St Moritz at Magdeburg by "nostra amita…Uota" by charter dated 30 Dec 952[187]. [614] Pauli Gesta Episcop. m as his first wife, SIEGFRIED, son of THIETMAR [Ostmark] & his wife --- (-[3 Dec 936/941]).] The descent of Ekkehard from an older brother of Heinrich I King of Germany is proposed by Hlawitschka[181]., A3.B4.C2.D1.E3. m ---. King Pepin had five [illegitimate] children by [Mistress (1)]. Ekkehard & his wife had [one possible child]: A3.B4.C2.D1.E2F3.G1.H1) Ekkehard (-[30 Aug 954] or 4 Sep 954). [14] Obituaires de Sens Tome I.1, Prieuré d'Argenteuil, p. 348. The Gesta Francorum lists "Brun ducem et fratrem reginæ" as one of the twelve counts who were killed fighting the Danes in 880[138]. Pepin was the second son of Charlemagne by his then-wife Hildegard. Siblings (some or all of these may be half-siblings, all with father of Pepin): Ode (d. 913), possible founder of Kloster Calbe an der Milde, wife of Liudolf (d. 866), progenitor of the Liudolfingers. "Otto…rex" confirmed privileges to Kloster Gandersheim "avo illius Sigihardo comiti in pago Chiemihgovue in comitatu Sigihardi" to "comiti nostro Eberhart" by charter dated 4 May 947 in which he names "proavo nostro Liutulfo…et eius coniuge Oda…et avo nostro Ottone" recalling their involvement in the foundation of the monastery[199]. The question is not beyond doubt. Thegan's Vita Hludowici Imperatoris records that Pepin's son Bernard was born "…ex concubina"[622]. Pepin's son was Bernard. Married (Unknown) Billung, Prince in Sachsen after 807. A3.B4.C2.D1.E2F6). Pepin I, King of Italy (born Carloman, 777-810), Unknown mistress (for now, same as Bernard, though this is unproven). Mettensium, MGH SS II, p. 265. m firstly ([Worms] [27 Mar/13 Jun] 897) ZWENTIBOLD King of Lotharingia [Carolingian], illegitimate son of Emperor ARNULF King of Germany & his mistress --- ([870/71]-killed in battle 13 Aug 900, bur [S%C3%BCsteren or Echternach]). rel. Einhard, who names these daughters, makes no mention of whether they were legitimate or not. [11] RFA 770, p. 48. The brothers were faced with revolts in Frisia, Bavaria, Alemannia and Aquitaine. m AEDA, daughter of --- & his wife --- [daughter of Pepin King of Italy] ([798/810]-). He invaded the duchy of Benevento in early 793. [181] Carmen de Primordiis Cœnobii Gandersheimensis, MGH SS IV, p. 306. Adelais ([798]-after 810). The Annales Fuldenses record the death "810 VIII Id Iul" of "Pippinum filius eius regem Italiæ"[620]. However, other sources do not refer to the fact that he was illegitimate. She arrived at the imperial court before 814. Neffe cupu, cur bufta facer numerofa retentet. Thegan's Vita Hludowici Imperatoris records that Pepin's son Bernard was born "…ex concubina"[622].

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